Mediation & Counseling Consultants

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

"My name is Angie Hewett and I am a life-long Winter Haven Resident. Several years ago I used the services of Kathy Macchione Leggett for help in Mediating my unfortunate 2nd divorce. I was determined not to get caught in the toxic and extremely expensive web of an ordinary Divorce Attorney ever again! After using her services, I realized it was significantly less stressful and it was NOT a LONG and UNNECESSARY DRAGGED OUT DIVORCE!!!! Because of Kathy’s expertise, it definitely made a huge difference this time. I love the fact that she is a team player and she was able to make it a respectful and amicable divorce process. Her knowledge in the field of mediation saved me time & ALOT of money and I wish I had known her the first time around! I will always be grateful to her, & highly recommend her services."

Angie R. Hewett

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

"Working with Kathy was both easy and professional. She made us feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible. She helped us with all of our paperwork and made sure everything was completed. When I called to set our final hearing the exact words from the courthouse were “I wished everyone’s paperwork was like yours. You are all set”. Thank you, Kathy!"

Autum Bassham

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

"Thanks again, 10 years later and still appreciate your wisdom. I can't speak highly enough of the quality and scope of the services they offer. At one of the worst moments in my life they were able to help sort out the issues and save us the expense of protracted litigation, while making sure our children were not caught in the middle. Both parties received fair and equitable results, best possible outcome for us. Spoke to contact again today while making a referral and it is like talking to an old friend that you trust. Good advice in a troubling moment."

Todd Moore

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

""I hired Ms. Leggett as a mediator for a difficult family law matter. I did not expect a successful resolution because of the animosity between the clients. However, as a direct result of Ms. Leggett’s professionalism and most importantly her patience the matter concluded with an amicable settlement. At no time did she ever give up on the parties or the mediation process. I highly recommend Ms. Leggett for your mediation needs and I look forward to using her again for all of my mediation needs.” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative."

Renee Pobjecky, Esquire / Pobjecky & Pobjecky, PA

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

"Kathy is a conscientious mediator who cares about the integrity of the process. She uses appropriate methods to influence the negotiation while maintaining the parties’ sense of self-determination. She also offers her experience and expertise as an example to new mediators learning their craft."

Bob Maxey, Principal, Mediator / Higher Ground Mediation, LLC

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

"My firm hired Kathy Macchione Leggett and was appointed by the Court in a very difficult child custody case. Kathy’s work was very detailed and a very good result was ordered by the Court for our client. Without Kathy’s detailed report and investigation it could have been detrimental for the child. I recommend Kathy Macchione Leggett!"

Trisha Alderman- Lead Paralegal / Robert Peddy Law, PA

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

"Thank you so much!  You were so helpful during one of the most difficult times in my life. Mediation was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thanks for making the process easy for us!"

Maite Paz

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

"Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times full of emotions, stress, and an overload of information. I could not be more thankful to have had Kathy guide us through this process. She explained everything in great detail so we had no questions when we finalized everything. Thankfully my ex-husband and I maintained a great friendship through the process so she was able to help us maintain fairness and respect with each other. She helped us navigate things we had not even thought of that have been so helpful in our coparenting plan to this day. I highly recommend Kathy to anyone and everyone who finds themselves in a situation that requires mediation. There is NO way we could have divorced with dignity like we did without her knowledge and kindness."

Karissa Avery

Mediation & Counseling Consultants

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Our mediations are conducted virtually while you are in the comfort of your own home, with the ability to still speak privately with your mediator in a break out room. 

Once we’ve reached an amicable settlement agreement, all of your court documents are prepared and e-filed with the court.

Your Final Hearing will be held virtually as well.

Pre-Suit Divorce Mediation not only saves you MONEY but it also saves TIME.

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Kathy Macchione Leggett

Kathy Macchione Leggett

Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil, Family & Dependency Law Mediator

Your Attorney Alternative

Early in my profession, I worked in a very contentious family law practice. I witnessed couples being pitted against each other and families torn apart. Litigation would often drag on for years and when the divorce was finally granted, both parties were emotionally exhausted and financially drained.

Since 2007 I have been mediating cases for couples who want to be in control of the outcome of their divorce and would rather keep the thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees for themselves and their children.

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